Analyse monitor and implement to transform your data collection process.

Universal analytics and comprehensive reports to identify trends and improve data analysis with Kizeo forms’ mobile form reports and analytics

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Send your reports instantly and automatically from any location!

  • Create and attach totally personalised reports in multiple formats such as excel, pdf and word to your forms
  • The reports can automatically be sent via email to multiple recipients once the form is sent from the mobile app.
  • Add rich elements to your reports such as photos, logos, text, barcodes, checkboxes etc
  • Define certain form conditions to send emails to a specific recipient when a specific condition is met.

Simple, easy to use, works great in the field off the grid. A real time saver back in the office. Comments: Strongest points are time saved in the office, increased efficiency and accuracy in the field collecting data. Customised reports that are already formatted for entry into our database. No more transposing hand written field data into spreadsheets.

Pros: A big plus is that setting up basic data collection forms is quick and easy. I can set up simple forms for my survey crew that are easy to use. This helps them enter data accurately, and I really like that I can set up customised output reports.

I can customise what data are included, and what type of report email is automatically sent, and to whom. I love that Kizeo has helped my team eliminate the need to manually transpose handwritten field data

Jeff M, Shellfish Biologist

Create personalised Dashboards and make business improvements

Field data collection is merely the first leg of the data collection process. Data analysis gives you useful insights about your business. Monitor the functions that are critical to your business and keep tabs on progress over time. Get a complete snapshot of the entire workforce.

  • Consult the historical data for all your forms. Export and create your own reports or use the Kizeo Forms Dashboard to create custom charts to analyse data
  •  Identify and review Key Performance Indicators.
  • Make changes in your business processes and take business decisions after an in-depth custom analysis.

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Easily manage your activities with our mobile form reports and analytics

The Kizeo Forms app is a flexible and intuitive solution that adapts to your needs so you can control your field activities and improve your performance!

Use the application to save time, increase efficiency and improve responsiveness. Thanks to Kizeo Forms, you will be able to automate all your internal processes, centralize information and exploit your data efficiently.

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Our customer saves 2 hours per day using Kizeo Forms!

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