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Table auto-fill

Dear Kizeo team,
Is it possible to have a table auto filled when selecting a specific value?
For example, on our job cards – when the engineer selects the job number, the fields / table for the parts used can be populated automatically. This data will be available in external list(s) that we’ll update via API.
Thanks in advance.

Using ‘Attached File’ with PDF’s and IPads

I have found when using an iPad and scanning a document on the iPad and saving as a PDF you cannot attach it using ‹ Attached File › as it only looks for images. Does anyone have the same problem or a work around for it?
An option to scan a document within the form would be fantastic. May be next update?

Kommunity can accompany you anywhere!

How do I download Kommunity on my mobile? Kommunity is available on any mobile device. To access it you must download the application « Discourse » from the Play Store or App Store. Once « Discourse » is installed on your mobile or tablet, you will need to enter the following address:

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From the moment you register for a Kizeo Forms subscription, you benefit from unlimited and free access to the Kommunity support platform. You and all the members attached to your account will be able to connect to the platform at any time to find answers to their questions.

Kommunity is also available for smartphones!

With its mobile version Kommunity can accompany you anywhere! It’ s practical, so you don’t lose track. Don’t take the risk of forgetting your question. Post it on Kommunity and you will be notified as soon as an answer is published.

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Therefore we make it a priority to offer you relevant information and tools that are adapted to the specificities of your business!

A multilingual support service is available 7 hours a day, 7 days a week, with tutorial articles, monthly tips, video tutorials and a kommunity support platform. All this is of course completely free of charge and at no extra cost. You can choose the support service that suits you best.

With Kommunity, you will have at your disposal an agile, intelligent and free support tool. We offer you the possibility to ask your questions and find answers when the time is right: for you!

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