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Here is our list of the most commonly downloaded whitepapers and e-books
mobile first digitalizationWhitepaper: Mobile First digitalization

 Through this white paper learn how you can automate several tasks and check out how much time and money you can save with our ROI calculator

Whitepaper: Trends in mobile data capture

This white paper will help you learn about the latest methods to capture data, necessary functionalities to stay ahead of the competition and the security measures you need to think of while capturing data.

mobilityWhitepaper: How does your mobility allow you to respond to changing needs and desires?

 In this whitepaper, we talk about what it takes to be mobile and offer service.


save moneyEbook: Measurable benefits of going paperless

Data collection on paper is prone to multiple issues. Most enterprises today are moving towards digital data collection methods as they have proven to overcome the problems associated with paper-based methods.

safetyEbook: Top 5 mobile forms for safety

This ebook will help you improve safety measures at your enterprise and efficiently track accidents, near misses and flagged problems. Check out our list of top 5 mobile forms used for Safety to help you efficiently avoid or eliminate risks at your workplace.

6 tips to implement digitalisation-01Ebook: 6 tips to implement digitalisation at your enterprise

Check out our tips in order to understand and activate enterprise mobility in a secure, cost-effective and productivity-enhancing way.

We also have in-depth guides on various subjects

Here is our list of the most commonly read guides
Guide: Gain the most productivity with field formsimprove accuracy with kizeo forms

If you want to take your organization’s productivity to the next level, you need a reliable and effective way to gather and store all your data. That means finding a system that is: Accurate, Reliable and Secure. Find out how choosing Kizeo Forms to manage your business’ information will help you achieve this.

10 ways to upgrade your construction business through mobile forms 

construction workerIn construction, there are lots of things that require attention. Dealing with the demands that this type of business requires can be tiring. It is because we acknowledge this, that today we’d like to show you how mobile forms can assist you in handling many of your construction business needs.

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