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Mobile Forms features to transform your business!

Follow these simple steps to automate various processes within your organization!
mobile forms features create forms and collect field data

1.Create your forms and collect field data

mobile forms features create workflows and optimise your processes

2.Create workflows and optimize your processes

share and analyse data

3.Share/transfer data, recover filled out form data and analyze


4.Integrate with many IT systems at no additional cost

1. Create forms and collect field data

kizeo forms on the tablet

Use the online drag and drop mobile form builder to create your forms.

Incorporate various smart form fields such as barcode scanning, signatures, geolocation, automatic calculations & more! Discover the various mobile forms features available at your disposal.

Once the form is created, fill out the form on the Kizeo Forms mobile app.

Send data in real-time without an internet connection, thanks to the offline data collection mode

Get rid of paper forms and collect data in the field with this forms app for mobile devices and tablets

2. Create workflows and optimize processes with this mobile forms software

Manage teams by creating user groups, access, and permissions. Create and send personalized emails and reports to the right person based on the form fields filled out.

Manage tasks by sending pre-filled form data to users and the planning function. Transfer data among and across teams, thanks to our digital forms solution.

Monitor work, thanks to complete transparency. Export the data recovered, analyze, and make business decisions

mobile forms automation stakeholders

3. Analyze and implement continuous improvement prcedures within your organization

mobile forms features

Create and send tailor-made reports in multiple formats via custom emails. These emails are sent automatically once the form has been filled out.

Once the data has been captured with our mobile forms solution, it is recovered on the online platform. You can export this data and analyze it with the IT application of your choice.

You can also use the Kizeo Forms analytics dashboard to analyze information, identify KPI’s and make business decisions.

4. Integrate with various platforms at no additional cost!

With the Kizeo Forms application, at no extra cost, you can benefit from several integration possibilities. We provide seamless integration with API, Dropbox, SharePoint, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and PDF.

Recover data with the Kizeo Forms Connector

Export data automatically to your FTP Server

API web service
phone and tablet form

Easily manage your activities, thanks to the best mobile forms features

The Kizeo Forms application is a versatile and user-friendly solution that adapts to your needs. It enables you to manage your field activities and improve your business performance!

Leverage the application to save time, increase efficiency and improve reactivity. With Kizeo Forms, you will be able to automate all your internal processes, consolidate data and effectively harness information.

Don’t believe in stories? Let the numbers guide you…

Our customer saves 2 hours per day using Kizeo Forms!

Test Kizeo Forms now for free for 15 days without any commitment! Save time and improve workforce efficiency at your enterprise today!