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Whether you are a plumber, an I.T. support technician or a door to door salesperson, you can create fully personalised activity reports, adapted to your line of work, and manage them very easily.

Automatically submit your reports to your own organisation or to other relevant parties!

Kizeo Forms adapts to the task in hand!

With a diverse panel of tools and multiple options settings Kizeo Forms can adapt to your needs. Each tool is designed to collect reliable and quality information.

Check fields will help you to minimise the risk of errors: mandatory fields, photo entries, audio entries, tick boxes, etc…

You can authenticate your reports by accepting your client’s signature directly on your mobile, geoposition the address of your visit.

Save time: your reports are automatically generated in the formats of your choice and are sent out by email virtually instantaneously!

Furthermore, a real asset is the “offline mode”. In fact, Kizeo Forms allows you to work even in places with poor internet connection. You can do your inventory without internet and once and you’ll be in a connected area, the information will be sent.

Create your daily activity reports with Kizeo Forms.

Boost your professionalism!

With Kizeo Forms there is no need to lose any more time writing out daily activity reports!

Throughout the day, you can gather and make notes on all the important information using your mobile or tablet. Record information using photos, tick off each work step as you complete it… then save! Your report is automatically generated as soon as your entries made in the field are complete, and it is sent by email to your line manager or other relevant parties.

How does it work ?

You can create your own Daily activity reports to meet your exact requirements. The Kizeo team offers you different samples that you can find in the templates library!

No need to worry – no I.T. knowledge is necessary! Furthermore, our tutorials and support service are here to help!

Benefit from a 15-day free trial when you create your Kizeo Forms account!