20Jun, 2018

Energize your business with Kizeo Forms!

The energy sector has undergone an abundance of changes in the recent years. Digitizing energy has gained importance and could prove to be an essential element for the energy sector. Paper forms are highly time consuming and can prove to be very costly not only in the form of money but also environmental damage. Kizeo Forms can help you reduce your carbon footprint and improve efficiency. […]

18Jun, 2018

Digitally on the move with Kizeo Forms: Forms for Real Estate inspections!

Simplify Relocations Over 5,00,000 people relocate in the UK each year. There is an increasing demand to automate the process of inventory checks in the real estate industry for quick and easy relocations. The inventory checks of all the fixtures is a long and tedious operation. All the more so when you do this with a paper form. Furthermore, paper forms have to be securely […]

14Jun, 2018

Interview with Huug van Vossen – Reliability Engineer at Actemium

🏢 Company: Actemium ⭐️ Testimonial by: Huug van Vossen 🤵 Position: Reliability Engineer Actemium is part of Vinci Energies. Our business unit in Goes, the Netherlands focuses primarily on long term maintenance contracts on various types of industrial items in the field of electrical, instrumentation, automation and analyzers. In my function as Reliability Engineer, I am involved in the development and implementation of maintenance related […]

12Jun, 2018

Kick start your Digitization with Kizeo Forms – Digital Forms for the Sports industry

Are you game for the World Cup 2018? Kizeo Forms is all set to make this world cup more fun and interesting! Get in better shape and measure the outcomes of your sports program with Kizeo Forms. Be it Football, Basketball, Athletics or any other sport, Kizeo Forms can digitize the world of sports! Paper forms are used constantly in sports clubs for registrations, medical […]

04Jun, 2018

Discover the ingredients to automate and TransFORM the Food and Beverage industry

Forms are used in the Food and Beverage industry throughout the value chain. The features offered by Kizeo Forms can help all the companies in this industry save time and money while performing several complicated functions that could benefit the organisations. With the ever growing demand for food products, companies must aim to automate their processes and provide the best to their consumers. Discover how […]

31May, 2018

10 Reasons to go paperless and shift to Digital Forms

Still stuck with the old habit of using paper forms? Below are 10 reasons on why you should shift to digital forms! Ability to use additional interesting features Paper Forms have several limitations. With paper forms one cannot make automated complex calculations, include map entries or even perform simple operations such as incorporating a link to a specific document/url. Shifting to digital forms gives you […]

30May, 2018

Interview with César Suárez, from the Michelle company in Costa Rica

     Company: Michelle Company, Costa Rica    Industry: Agriculture     Testimonial by: César Suárez Rojas Tell us about your profession We are a company that is dedicated to the commercialization of fruits and vegetables, for export to different countries of the world. We take care of quality control from the field to the hands of the consumer in the United States, Europe, Russia and […]

25May, 2018

How to view suggested lists on your form?

In order to facilitate the entry of elements for your employees in the field, you can offer them a suggested list or in other words an input field linked to a predefined list. This could be, for example, a list of sites to inspect, collaborators, etc Choose the input field from a suggested list on your phone! To view the suggested list option: Step 1: […]

17May, 2018

TransFORM Hospitality & Tourism : Take the tour to Digitization with Kizeo Forms

To be hospitable is to be prompt and to be responsive. Kizeo Forms can provide a competitive advantage to the companies in the hospitality industry by increasing the response time and enhancing customer relationship management as well as relationship with employees. By using digital forms, one can save time and minimize the number of resources. The hotel and tourism industry requires data entry on a […]

09May, 2018

Discover the Road to Repair – Digital Forms for the Maintenance industry!

Maintenance is a key component in all organizations. All assets deteriorate over a period of time and require timely maintenance to continue working effectively. Lack of proper maintenance results in production down-time and can bring the entire company to a halt. A lot of paperwork is involved in maintenance for conducting inspections, updating schedules and recording details. Kizeo Forms can help in maximizing productivity and […]