18Dec, 2018

How to set up form validation on Kizeo Forms?

In this tip, we explain how to set up one or more supervisors, who will validate the registration of data in Kizeo Forms. As a result, your employees in the field can only transfer the information to their manager. This tutorial discusses advanced concepts of Kizeo Forms such as: Custom user fields Advanced transfer The visibility If you do not know the above notions yet, […]

05Dec, 2018

Optimize Packaging Inspections with the Kizeo Forms application!

Optimize Package Tracking and Inspections The packaging process involves a lot of paper work such as filling up inspection forms, checking inventory, providing transportation approvals, creating and sending out invoices if deliveries are involved and so much more! This requires proper organization and follow up procedures and therefore includes the use of several checklists. Using paper forms for this process results in several issues such as they are […]

03Dec, 2018

Perform Risk Assessments with the Kizeo Forms Application!

Be it any industry, risks and hazards are always present at the workplace and needs to be analyzed to avoid or eliminate the hazard/risk. A detailed risk assessment has to be performed to analyze the various elements that contribute to the risk, what type of risks are present and what can be done to avoid these risks.  What if you could use a tool that can […]

28Nov, 2018

Sébastien and Samuel from Atrimmo share their digitization experiences with us

The video interview of Atrimmo:    The company Atrimmo was developed in 2013 by Sébastien Broustet. Being an entrepreneur, he developed a new method to repair aluminium joints. This amazing technique has helped the enterprise receive the “Innovative Company” award in the “New Process” field. Regarding the method of repair, a patent was filed with the INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) in 2015. […]

26Nov, 2018

How to obtain the geolocation in a personalized report?

In order to dig deeper on the customization of your Word and Excel reports, discover how to display your geolocation as a map, link or QR code! In the examples below, we will use as a tag for our Geolocation element: ##geolocation##. The standard Geolocation tags. ##geolocation##: It displays the GPS coordinates with a link. Example: 40.714587593160424,-73.99821728467941. ##geolocation:latitude## and ##geolocation:longitude## . they provide latitude and longitude. Example: 40.714587593160424 and -73.99821728467941. […]

21Nov, 2018

Discover Digital Forms for Petrol Services – Get the most out of every drop with the Kizeo Forms application!

Key activities in Petrol Services Industry Preventative and predictive maintenance, operational health and safety, regulatory policies, inventories, caliberations and deliveries are some of the key activities in the petrol services industry. These activities require the filling out of several forms on a daily basis. The use of paper forms to cnoduct these activities results in lost time and money as well as a high probability […]

19Nov, 2018

Our Participation in the Fruit Attraction Trade Show 2018

Fruit Attraction Trade Show 2018 Fruit Attraction celebrated its 10th anniversary in style in Madrid on 23rd October 2018. It is a trade show in the fruit and vegetables sector. The motto “Where fresh produce & innovation meets” was the perfect representation of the technological shift in the fruit and vegetable sector. The Kizeo team showcased the various benefits of the Kizeo Forms application in the […]

12Nov, 2018

Perform Tractor Inspections with the Kizeo Forms application!

If you are in the agricultural industry, you are constantly trying to ensure perfect functioning of your tractors by constantly inspecting and maintaining the internal and external parts of the tractor to ensure it functions efficiently. Most commonly this is done on paper making it hard to comprehend and more difficult to send schedules and updates to the maintenance team resulting in lost time as […]

05Nov, 2018

Get rid of pesky pests! – Digitalize Pest Control with Kizeo Forms

🔎 Optimize Pest Control Inspections Pest Control involves a lot of administrative work such as filling up inspection forms, checking inventory, creating and sending out invoices, performing a risk assessment and so much more! Pest Control requires proper organization and follow up procedures and therefore includes the use of several checklists. Paper forms are difficult to read because of illegible hand writing and smudges. Furthermore, […]

02Nov, 2018

Reach New Heights – Discover Digital Forms for the Aviation Industry!

Improve organization and administration The Aviation industry requires proper organization and control in order to deliver errorless experience. This requires several checklists and scheduling mechanisms to ensure that you dont miss out on important information. Filling this out on paper forms could result in several errors and are very difficult to comprehend. Kizeo Forms can help you create, record and transmit data digitally. You can […]