29Oct, 2018

The Road to Digitalization – Discover Digital Forms for Road Inspections

What are Road Safety Inspections? Road Safety Inspections are systematic inspections of existing roads or a particular section of a road to identify faults, potential/existing hazards that could cause accidents. Using paper forms to conduct these inspections could result in manual errors. As the roads are open and exposed to rain, the use of paper forms could hinder the inspection process. By using paper forms, […]

24Oct, 2018

Newsletter We Keep You InFORMed – What happened this quarter?

Find out what happened last quarter! Discover the new releases and news from Kizeo Forms that you may have missed this quarter! Online Platform New Forms  2 new forms are available on the Kizeo Forms library: Hotel Room Inspection Checklist Crop Monitoring in a Greenhouse New tags  Now get detailed information about the date and time automatically in your reports! Learn how to automatically retrive the date and time of your […]

23Oct, 2018

Interview with Sergio Hidalgo Valverde, Manager at the Piña Alegre company in Costa Rica

Sergio Hidalgo Valverde opens the doors of his company Piña Alegre in Costa Rica to explain how he implemented the Kizeo Forms digital forms to retrieve and analyze information directly from the field.  👤Testimonial by: Sergio Hidalgo Valverde, 🍍Company: Investment Piña Alegre, production and exportation of pineapples 🇨🇷Location: San Carlos, Costa Rica. The company Piña Alegre My name is Sergio Hidalgo Valverde, I am part […]

15Oct, 2018

Conduct Hotel Room Inspections with the Kizeo Forms application!

If you are in the hospitality industry, you are constantly trying to ensure that the rooms are absolutely clean and items such as shampoos, soaps and drinks are in place for the new customer. Most commonly this is done on paper making it hard to comprehend and more difficult to send schedules and updates to the housekeeping staff resulting in lost time as the same […]

11Oct, 2018

Block Tags or Paragraph Delete Option?

Through the Kizeo Forms application, you have several ways to show or hide a paragraph in your custom word document. In this tip, we will introduce you to the distinction between the block tags and the Delete paragraph option in the custom Word if empty or hidden data is present. Do not hesitate to leave your comments ! We are available to answer your questions, […]

03Oct, 2018

Prevent occupational risks with Kizeo Forms!

The safety of professionals is fundamental in many economic sectors. For example, in the oil or mining industry, many elements of the work environment can represent a danger and therefore must be reported and corrected. Any potential risk must be taken very seriously: it can be a damaged tool, operators that neglect safety rules or the handling of high risk products. The companies implement strict […]

27Sep, 2018

Interview – Florent Schmitt – TBS Services

🏢 Company: TBS ⭐️ Testimonial by: Florent Schmitt 🤵 Position: Technical director Can you tell us about your company? Founded in 2014, TBS Services is a company that specializes in the installation of computer and telematic systems embedded in all types of vehicles. Our team is today composed of nearly 50 employees spread over the French and Spanish territory. Why did you shift to Kizeo […]

25Sep, 2018

We will present the Kizeo Forms solution during the Fruit Attraction Trade Show in Madrid from October 23 to 25

The international Fruit Attraction Trade Show, a fair dedicated to the agricultural sector, will celebrate its 10th anniversary from Tuesday 23 to Thursday 25 October 2018 in Madrid, Spain. The event will gather around 70,000 visitors from 120 different countries and will expose more than 1,600 companies. Fruit Attraction’s motto “Where fresh produce & innovation meet” illustrates the sector’s strong tendency towards innovation. Smart Agro: […]

13Sep, 2018

Monitor your crops with the Kizeo Forms application

If you are in the agricultural industry, you are constantly recording data about the crops such as growth rate, diseases, fertilizers used and calculating the harvest time. Most commonly this is done on paper making it hard to comprehend and resulting in lost time as the same data is then re-entered on a computer. What if you could use a tool that can automate those […]

07Sep, 2018

Get the date and time automatically in your reports!

Learn how to automatically retrive the date and time of your fields and your entries on your customized reports or emails! Tip 1: Customize your reports with the Date and Time field. Using the Date and Time field you can automatically obtain the date and/or time you have previously entered. You can customize it with the following tags: Tip 2: Get the date and time […]