15Sep, 2016
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Store your forms in your Dropbox account!

Link Kizeo Forms to Dropbox to save your forms on your personal account! Get to all of your forms from anywhere, on any device, and share them with anyone!

Step 1: Link Kizeo Forms to Dropbox.

  • Go to the Kizeo Forms Settings tab  > Third Party Applications.
  • Confirm your identity by clicking on Log in.

third party apps


/!\ Depending on your browser configuration, a pop-up may be blocked the access to Dropbox. You must authorise the www.kizeoforms.com pop-ups or click on the https link.

Step 2: Set correctly your forms.

Example: In my Dropbox account, we can find a file named Customer testimonial in which we have the corresponding forms.

dropbox file format and folder


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There Are 2 Comments

  • Bruce Gallen

    20 Dec, 2017

    Hi, I want to know what the dropbox functionality is. I have set up as per above. What triggers files to be shared to dropbox. What types of files? Can i get it to share the excel list at a regular time each day?

    • Silvia Arellano

      20 Dec, 2017

      Hi Bruce!

      Thank you for your message! What triggers files to be shared to Dropbox is when you saved them from your mobile. This means that every time that you fill in a form, the file will be sent to Dropbox. There are multiples types of files that you can recover (standard PDF, your custom-made files, medias, excel list, etc.). Unfortunately, you cannot set up a regular time to recover the forms each day, however with the FTP Option this is possible.
      Please do not hesitate to contact us by email at: contact@kizeo.com or by phone at: 0033-490236760 if you have more questions or comments,

      We’re available if needed,

      Kind regards,

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