Replace your paper forms!

Digitize and automate your processes

Benefits of Kizeo Forms

Whatever your sector of activity, with the Kizeo Forms application you will be able to switch to digital support with ease.
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Transform your mobile or tablet into a real working tool
  • Designed for typing on mobile or tablet
  • Works in connected or disconnected mode.
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Make a simplified deployment, immediate and fast
  • web platform and a mobile application.
  • No computer skills needed.
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Adapt Kizeo Forms to your needs and your job
  • Totally customizable.
  • Adapts to your internal tools.
One of the results with working with Kizeo Forms is that we are more accurate than in the past. You can easily drag and drop the fields, you can change properties, you can add all kinds of fields, photographs, calculations, text fields, numeric and more to your forms. It is very simple! Two years ago we started with three accounts. At this moment, we have sixty accounts and I think that in two or three years, everybody is working with Kizeo Forms in our organization.Huug van Vossen – Reliability Engineer - Actemium

One application for multiple benefits

Drive and improve the performance of your field teams while modernizing the operation and image of your company.
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Save time

Save time by saving hours of work! Set up your own Word, Excel documents and images, simply and without any computer skills. Once your site monitoring or your home inspections are configured, your teams will have them available on their mobiles or tablets and will only have to fill them.  

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Be efficient and responsive

As soon as your form is completed in the field from the mobile or tablet, your report is generated and sent automatically by email to the people concerned. You will no longer need to return to the office at the end of the day to write your time sheets or your sales visit reports!

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Use your data

Unify the notes taken by your teams in the field and avoid errors or re-entries. You will be able to collect, in real time, high quality and reliable information. You will be able to exploit your data by analyzing them, exporting them and by consulting the various graphs put at your disposal.

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Automate your processes

Kizeo Forms adapts to your internal tools! You can integrate Kizeo Forms into your computer system, your CRM, link to your Dropbox account or your FTP server. Updating your databases and exporting your data will be done automatically.

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Centralize information

You can find all the data entered from your employees’ mobile devices as well as your reports on your web platform from your computer. All your data is stored securely and is available at any time to view or export.

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Become ecologically responsible

No more paperwork! You will significantly reduce the use of paper and reduce your carbon footprint. You will both help protect our planet by complying with new European and international environmental standards, while saving money for your business.

By using Kizeo Forms, Creatio was able to save a lot of time during their representation at various conferences. It eliminated the arduous effort of writing everyone’s name down manually and automated this process by replacing it with simple digital forms that are quick and easy to fill and can be easily uploaded to the database. Adam Henrichs - Executive Director - Creatio

Multiple possibilities with a single solution

You will be able to create and send the digital documents you need and even enrich them thanks to the many features at your disposal such as automatic geolocation, electronic signature, time stamped photos and more!

Our simple and intuitive web platform also allows you to use and configure your own Word and Excel documents to suit your needs!

Available on mobile and tablet

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Available on multiple devices

Shift to Digital Forms

The Kizeo Forms app does not require any additional computer skills and is available on mobile devices and tablets. As a result, you can deploy the solution internally in a simple, fast and an economical way.

Shifting to digital forms and making your digitalization project a reality has never been easier!

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