07Sep, 2016

The Kizeo Forms settings: The mobile tab

Manage the way your form works, on your mobile.

The Mobile tab contains the full range of features that help decide how your forms will work on your mobile: enable editing of the form after its data entry, allow all users to view the history, authorise all users to modify other user’s data, allow data transfer between users, allow push of data, check mandatory fields while transferring and Allow to copy the data in the History.

  • Go to the Configuration menu, Forms tab.
  • Select a form.
  • Go to Options in the form and then to the Mobile tab.

options mobile


Introduction to the various options for the mobile tab.

  • Enable editing of form after its data entry: after the form is input, it allows its data to be modified from the mobile history or the back office.
  • Allow all users to view the history: allows all users with rights with access of the form to see data entry of this form in its mobile history, through the search function.
  • Authorise all users to modify other users’ information: allows all users with rights with access of the form to modify any data that has been input and saved, from the mobile history or the back office.
  • Allow data transfer between users: See tutorial on transfer of data.
  • Allow data to be pushed to mobile device:  allows data to be sent to your users’ mobiles. See tutorial on push of data.
  • Check mandatory fields while transferring: when you have set up all the mandatory fields, this allows you to verify that they are properly input before you send them.
  • Help text: you can input a help text concerning your form. On the mobile, this help text will appear alongside the name of your form.

Help Text

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