16Sep, 2016

Fill out a form from your computer on the platform

How to fill out a form from your computer (Web entry)

Web entry: Fill out your form from the Platform.

  • Select the “Fill out form” tab from the ‘Data’ menu.
  • Select the form you want to fill out (in this example we chose risk assessment form’), and click the ‘OK’ button.
  • You can also use the search bar tool  to get the form you’re looking for:

fill out a form from the online platform


  • Now you can fill in your form.

save or transfer form on the online platform


  • You can now either transfer it to another user’s device (Only if you have enabled the transfer option) or save it !

From the ‘History’ tab.

  • Select the ‘History’ tab from the ‘Data’ menu.
  • Select the form you want to fill out, and click the ‘Fill out form’ button.

fill out the form from the history tab

  • Now you can fill out the form.
  • You can now either transfer it to another user’s device (only if you have enabled the transfer option) or save it !

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There Are 6 Comments

  • Gayle Passmore

    28 Nov, 2019

    Has the ‘Fill out a form’ option been moved? I am trying to fill out a form from my desktop however the option to fill out a form seems to have disappeared.

    • Jessé Paffrath Andreatta

      28 Nov, 2019

      Hello Gayle,

      This option is locked because you have 12 licenses for 13 users activated. To resolve this and retrieve the “fill out a form” option you have to deactivate 1 user or get a new license to have as many licenses as users.


  • Sharon Lynch

    19 Jun, 2019

    I am trying to push a pre filled form to many users but cannot find this option. I see transfer is for transfer to one person, but how do I push to many users please?
    Thank you Sharon

    • Adeline

      21 Jun, 2019

      Hello Sharon,

      To do this, you need to do an advanced push, you will find the right tutorial by clicking here

      I remain at your disposal if you need.

  • Bruce Gallen

    10 Sep, 2018

    when I use this feature to fill out the form, the information is not there when I open the form on my phone. It all needs to be reinput via the phone which is not suitable for me.

    • Carole Martinez

      11 Sep, 2018

      Hello Bruce,

      To transfer a pre-filled form from your online platform and receive it on your mobile device, you need to make sure that after partially filling the form, you press ‘Transfer’ instead of ‘Save’ and choose the user you want the form to be transferred to. Then, on your mobile device you will be able to find and open this form under the ‘Reception’ tab (don’t open the form form the main list of forms).

      I hope this could help! If you still have issues, please contact our support team at contact@kizeo.com, we would be glad to help.

      Have a nice day!


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