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Kizeo Forms is the perfect app to create personalized and mobile expense reports

The Kizeo Forms application allows you to simplify the management of your expense reports whether you are an employer, Human Resources Manager, employee or an accountant!
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Set up your expense reports almost instantaneously from your mobile or tablet.

Save time using digital form

Manage expenses faster and avoid errors.

Send reports digital form

Accelerate the processing of expenses by sending them directly to the person/department concerned.


Easily transfer invoices to superiors for validation.

Create your customized expense reports

Thanks to a wide range of tools and a wide range of settings, Kizeo Forms knows how to adapt to your needs. Each tool is designed to make it easy for you to enter information and gather reliable and quality information.

Speed ​​up the process of reimbursing by using for example, mandatory fields to ensure you do not forget anything and calculation fields to avoid errors.

Decrease the approval circuit: You can transfer your entries to a superior so that he validates your expense reports by signing in a signature field.

Authenticate your expense reports: Use the photo field to insert your receipts, geolocation field to display your details and signature field to sign.

It is with pleasure that I express my satisfaction on the creation of expense reports via Kizeo Forms, it is simple and fast. Our technicians carry out their statements of expense reports day by day by taking a photo of the receipts, which allows us in case of loss, to find a proof. I just have to check, at the end of monthly fees, the final total that corresponds to the credit card statement. It’s a time saver for everyone!Mélodie DOUGÉ, Accounting department at IPFLEX
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Retrieve and send the statement of expenses on the go

After a customer meeting, do you have lunch on the run at a restaurant? Simplify your life, do not wait to return to the office or the end of the month to enter your expense reports!

Once the bill has been paid, enter your bill amount directly on your mobile phone by filling in the amount, select the VAT and the tax amount is calculated automatically. Take a photo of the proof of payment, sign and save to send your request for an expense report by email.

How to create your expense reports with Kizeo Forms?

Test our template form available on the library. You can modify this model as you please or create one to adapt to your needs!

Do not worry, no computer knowledge is required, our tutorials and our support service are here to help!

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