24May, 2018

How to view suggested lists on your form?

In order to facilitate the entry of elements for your employees in the field, you can offer them a suggested list or in other words an input field linked to a predefined list. This could be, for example, a list of sites to inspect, collaborators, etc

Choose the input field from a suggested list on your phone!

Tips and tricks email in external list

To view the suggested list option:

Step 1: Create your list

Configure your external list that will be linked to your input field element. In the example below, we have created an e-mail address list.

create external list

Step 2: Set up your form

  1. Add an input field and go to its options
  2. Click on the Advanced tab.
  3. Link your external list via the Suggestions Lists drop-down menu.

edit form and external list

Thanks to this operation, a list will be proposed during the entry, directly on the mobile device of your collaborators.

Tip: We have also copied the tags from our input field to automatically send an email to the address entered.

email configuration


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