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Kizeo Forms is the perfect application to create a personalized and mobile sales visit report!

Whether you are a Sales Agent or an Independent Home Seller, you need to gather information during your customer visits. By giving you the ability to create forms tailored to your profession, the Kizeo Forms app helps you save time in capturing information during field work.

With the customer visit form you can

  • collect information about the customer
  • record details of the products your prospects would like to purchase
  • obtain feedback
  • automatically send pricing sheets and marketing materials
  • send a summary to the sales and marketing team
  • schedule your next visit with the customer

Create your custom client visit report

The Kizeo Forms online form builder provides a range of elements that you can include in your form to create a mobile form that adapts to your needs. Each tool is designed to help you gather reliable, accurate and quality information.

Save time! To quickly enter your information, use for example the automatic geolocation field to note the location of the visit, or incorporate a list using a client file to automatically fill in the details of your client.

Do not forget any important information thanks to the required fields, signature, audio field, check boxes and more!

You gain in efficiency: Once you fill out the form, your report is automatically generated and sent by email, in the format of your choice, to your superior, your client or your supplier!

Sales visit report on ipad

Easily find your reports and transfer your data

Are you always on the go? We are as well! Kizeo Forms accompanies you in your sales tours! You can spend the day on the field visiting your customers or meeting prospects and record all the information on your mobile device! You can collect data even without an internet connection!

Now, fill out your customer information, purchase orders and sales reports directly on your mobile or tablet. Once you have saved your document, your document will be sent to your customer and your department almost instantly!

How to create your customer visit report with Kizeo Forms

You will now be able to create a Sales Visit Report that will perfectly suit your needs. Also, the Kizeo team offers you an example of a Sales/Client Visit Report that you will find in the Forms Library from a wide selection of templates designed by us.

Do not worry, no additional computer knowledge is required! Moreover our tutorials and our support service are here to help you!

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