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With Kizeo Forms create your tailor-made audit forms

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Kizeo Forms is the perfect application for Manufacturing industries!

Carry out punctual audits in a blink of an eye, thanks to the reports that are generated instantly with the Kizeo Forms application.

Manage and track audits and measures implemented for manufacturing processes.

Thanks to a wide range of tools and a wide range of settings offered by the Kizeo Forms application. 

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Digital forms are a great solution to ensure that the workplace remains organized. You can add smart features to your reports such as pictures, geolocation, checkboxes, signature and more. Spend less time on paperwork and more time on what you do best!

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Kizeo Forms allows you to work even in places with poor or no internet connection. Carry out your audits no matter where you are!

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Save time by automating! With Kizeo Forms you can automate every step of form filling processes. As soon as you are done filling out your checklist, you will instantly receive a report with the total score of the audit.

Send reports digital form

Thanks to the option of sending emails to with a filter, the right teams at your company can be notified instantaneously after the audit.

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Quickly and easily create your audit reports 

With Kizeo Forms, you can use your own Word and Excel documents to personalize your reports to match company formats.

Thanks to the Kizeo Forms digital forms, you can perform audits, carry out maintenance inspections, check quality etc.

Since all your data is centralized and archived, you will be able to use this information to prepare reports, advice, statistics or integrate this data into your management system.

How to create your 5S Audit Checklist with Kizeo Forms?

You will be able to create your own forms or reports that will perfectly meet your needs. Also, the Kizeo team offers you an example of 5S Audit checklist form template that you will find in the forms library from a large selection of models designed by us.

Do not worry, no computer knowledge is required! In addition, our tutorials and our support service are there to help you!

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