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30Jun, 2022

Why do you need a field inspection app?

If you are a field service professional, data collection is a key component of your everyday activities. The use of paper forms can cause loss of time re-transcribing collected information. There is also a lack of security and decentralised information. The use of digital forms is gaining popularity allowing field personnel. It allows you to create inspection forms and fill them out from a mobile […]

02Jun, 2022

Mobile Farms: Forms For Farm Management

The farm business is certainly not for the faint of heart, to say the least. There are a variety of aspects involved that must be measured and controlled very precisely in order for success to be attained and, subsequently, maintained. Managing a myriad of equipment, crops, animals, and people all at the same time is no small feat. The farm equipment must be kept in […]

05May, 2022

Breathe Easy: Kizeo’s Easy Breezy First Steps

Where do I start? Whether you’re eating a huge Cornish pasty or writing a multi-page essay, those four words form a phrase that you’re likely all too familiar with. In our opinion, getting started is always the hardest part. We know it can feel overwhelming to come face to face with, say, a new mobile application, and have no clue where to begin. This is […]

13Apr, 2022

Perform Better Inspections with This Mobile Forms App

Conducting inspections is a fundamental part of making sure everything is in order and according to the current regulations. They can be carried out on vehicles, houses, and offices. Even pest inspections are mandatory for certain establishments. These inspections can be challenging. They require you to pay attention to a large number of details on a limited timeline. Consequently, counting on an efficient gadget to […]

17Mar, 2022

How to Reduce Risks by Using Kizeo Forms

One of the inefficiencies organisations should consider working on are paper-based surveys, inspections, forms, and reports. Apart from being time-consuming, they can get easily lost and might be hard to read. All of these things contribute to a disorganised safety plan. Mobile forms are an efficient alternative to solve this problem. They provide a simple way to collect precise information, which is available to employees […]

07Feb, 2022

What are the risks of sticking with paper forms?

Going digital might be a frightening change for many people. Transforming your paper-based culture into a digital one might flood your mind with questions and hesitations. Is it really necessary? Are mobile forms safe? Where is information stored? We understand the digitalisation process can be challenging. However, sticking to a paper-based working system is not the best long-term decision. In this blog, we’d like to […]

17Jan, 2022

3 ways Offline Forms can make your Field Work easier

Mobile forms are great but, what happens when you’re in an area with no internet connection? Or when your WiFi breaks down? When these sorts of things happen, mobile forms might fall short. Because of this, some form apps offer an additional feature called “offline forms”. Offline forms can be a great working tool, especially for those of us who don’t usually work at an […]

11Jan, 2022

What are Mobile Forms and Why Should I Use them?

Do you often find yourself in front of a huge pile of papers that need to be digitalised? Or, struggling to take notes during a site survey and then losing what you wrote down? We get it, we’ve been there. Working with paper forms can be stressful, impractical, and sometimes unproductive. Fortunately, mobile forms have come to our rescue! If you are interested in learning […]

03Jan, 2022

Start using Mobile Forms and Stop Losing your Data

Still collecting data using paper? Besides all its environmental drawbacks, using paper to gather information is no longer efficient. Paper documents get lost and they demand large spaces to be kept in, where they usually get old and blurry. Especially in today’s context, where the rise of telework has made it indispensable to share information online, using paper shouldn’t even be an option. The advantages […]

09Jun, 2021

Paperless enterprise for cost savings and the environment

Paper is an integral part of many companies’ daily activities. Many companies refrain from going paperless fearing uncertainty about the results of digital methods. However, going paperless is important to effectively and securely manage information and stay ahead of the competition. In several enterprises, even today data is noted on paper documents and stores in file cabinets. A paperless office saves around 80$ per employee […]