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07Feb, 2022

What are the risks of sticking with paper forms?

Going digital might be a frightening change for many people. Transforming your paper-based culture into a digital one might flood your mind with questions and hesitations. Is it really necessary? Are mobile forms safe? Where is information stored? We understand the digitalisation process can be challenging. However, sticking to a paper-based working system is not the best long-term decision. In this blog, we’d like to […]

16Mar, 2021

What are some of the data collection methods?

Data collection consists of using various methods and instruments to gather as much information as possible around the desired objective. In any research that is carried out, information is the most important and valuable thing. It is the most valuable element that all the conclusions of the research depend on. In order to be able to carry out almost any action within a company, it […]

30Sep, 2020

Create no code mobile forms with Kizeo Forms

What are no code mobile forms? No code mobile forms are solutions that allow professionals at all stages to build their own solutions. This is done using a simple visual programming element. A drag and drop form builder is an example of a visual programming element. Simple drag and drop form creation process The Kizeo Forms form builder is composed of several elements necessary to […]

03Oct, 2019

Why choose Kizeo Forms over other Mobile Forms applications?

Are you currently trying to digitalize data collection at your enterprise? This article will help you choose the right application that will perfectly cater to your data collection needs! How to choose the right mobile forms application? Be it any industry or department, data collection lies at the heart of all activities. Field professionals have a hard time choosing the right app. The ideal app […]