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02Jun, 2022

Mobile Farms: Forms For Farm Management

The farm business is certainly not for the faint of heart, to say the least. There are a variety of aspects involved that must be measured and controlled very precisely in order for success to be attained and, subsequently, maintained. Managing a myriad of equipment, crops, animals, and people all at the same time is no small feat. The farm equipment must be kept in […]

14Apr, 2020

The sketch element

The Sketch element allows you to take a photo from your mobile device (or import it from your device’s library) and then add written note(s) on top of it.  It can either be text, shape(s) or manual drawing(s). The sketch options Firstly, insert your sketch field in your form from the online platform. Then, the field user entering the digital form on his mobile device […]

02Jan, 2019

Participate in the beta test of the new version of Kizeo Forms

You dreamed of it, and we achieved it! After months, weeks and days of work, we are happy to announce that the new 2019 version of Kizeo Forms will be available to download for free from February. This new version is more intuitive, more interactive and more functional. We have completely revised the design and user interface. The history tab, the push function and the […]

22Oct, 2018

Newsletter We Keep You InFORMed – What happened this quarter?

Find out what happened last quarter! Discover the new releases and news from Kizeo Forms that you may have missed this quarter! Online Platform New Forms  2 new forms are available on the Kizeo Forms library: Hotel Room Inspection Checklist Crop Monitoring in a Greenhouse New tags  Now get detailed information about the date and time automatically in your reports! Learn how to automatically retrive the date and time of your […]

24Jul, 2018

Newsletter We Keep You InFORMed – Latest news from this quarter

Find out what happened last quarter! Let’s talk about the new releases and news from Kizeo Forms that you may have missed this quarter! iOS, Android and Windows Display emojis on the application! You can add emojis in several form fields such as text, slider and lists. Make polls and surveys more attractive and fun with this feature! Back Office 1.Identify fields with personal data With this new option, we will […]

17Jul, 2018

Winners of the Kizeo World Cup Contest 2018

On the occasion of the World Cup, we organized a large competition with the following prizes. 1st prize: An official jersey of the winning team customized with your name 2nd prize: An official world cup soccer ball 3rd prize: A world cup T-shirt To win, you just had to choose from among the thirty-two nations the one that would win the 21st edition of the football world cup. […]

27Jun, 2018

What is a digital form?

A digital form is the equivalent of a paper document that is used to collect data. There is a great variety of documents that can be digitized. Among them, we can name the expense report, the timesheet, the safety report and, in general, any type of surveys and inspections. Forms are constantly used for various purposes in all industries. Some forms require moving to another […]

31May, 2018

10 Reasons to go paperless and shift to Digital Forms

Still stuck with the old habit of using paper forms? Below are 10 reasons on why you should shift to digital forms! Ability to use additional interesting features Paper Forms have several limitations. With paper forms one cannot make automated complex calculations, include map entries or even perform simple operations such as incorporating a link to a specific document/url. Shifting to digital forms gives you […]

12Apr, 2018

Newsletter We Keep You InFORMed – What happened this quarter?

Find out what happened last quarter! Let’s talk about the new releases and news from Kizeo Forms that you may have missed this quarter! IOS App Place a phone call directly from your list The external list has the ability to detect phone numbers. It is now possible to make a call directly from your list. The purpose of this new option is to help […]

12May, 2017

Declare your near misses from your cell phone or your tablet with Kizeo Forms !

Reduce your company’s risk of accidents declaring your near misses! Minor incidents due to material damage on the field, also called near misses, are often followed by more serious incidents. Therefore, it is of paramount importance to collect and analyse them in order to take preventive actions internally and by doing so: Preventing and avoiding physical accidents, Providing safe working conditions for the workers, Improving safety. […]