12Sep, 2016

Get the most out of the standard PDF

Standard PDF is one of the export formats available. This is a very simple and straight forward PDF report that lists all data entered on your mobile device, with only a little personalization.

In the online platform.

  • Go to the ‘Formstab on the left side of your screen and then ‘My forms’.
  • Select a form and click on ‘Modify’.
  • Click on the ‘Options’ blue button and then the Exports tab > Standard PDF.

Standard PDF options. 

Different display settings to customize your PDF are available:

  • Add a header and/or footer to your Standard PDF report. Simply add text in the two dedicated areas (Form’s options > PDF).
  • Display time under pictures, barcodes and geolocation.
  • Display user’s name. Can be useful when there are multiple users.
  • Display completion date (date when a completed form was ‘saved’).
  • Display a unique identifier.
  • Display a record number (from 1 to n… – specific to a particular form).
  • Display invisible fields.

By default, ‘Display user’s name’ and ‘Display answer date’ are checked.

standard pdf settings


Email options. 

  • You can fully customize the content of the email(s) that you or somebody else will receive once your digital forms have been filled out.
  • There is several tabs to customize your email. In the first one ‘Content‘ your can write the content of your email and the subject. In the second one ‘Recipient(s)‘ you can add the email addresses that you want your email to be sent to. In the third one ‘Attached document‘, you can choose which attachment(s) will be sent.  This is where you will click the Standard PDF icon if you want it to be attached to your email. For more info, please refer to our tutorial: Automatically sending your reports by email.

attach standard pdf to email


  • Set it up the way you like, and do not forget to save!

Insert your logo into your PDF. 

You have the possibility to add your company’s logo to your Standard PDF:

  • Go to ‘My administration interface’ and then  ‘My account settings’.
  • Under the logo tab click to select a file or drag and drop your file in the space.

add a logo to your standard pdf documents



  • Export your Standard PDF report after filling out your form by clicking on Data–>Export. Select your form and click on standard pdf to export the report for the data of your choice

Standard PDF

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  • mo

    13 Dec, 2016

    Directions are incomplete:

    In the Back-office.

    Go to ‘Configuration’ and then ‘Forms’.
    Select a form. Then Click On “Modify”
    Go to ‘Options’ and to the Exports -> Standard PDF.

    • Sarah Marivaux

      14 Dec, 2016

      Thank you for your help.

      Best regards,

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