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Create your customized timesheet template with Kizeo Forms

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Kizeo Forms is the perfect application for your personalized and mobile timesheets

Whether it is to edit your employees’ pay slips or to establish customer invoicing, it is essential that you retrieve reliable time records and as quickly as possible to avoid litigation.

With Kizeo Forms, you have a single support and a real mobile tool to manage your:

Kizeo Forms adapts to your activity!

Thanks to a wide range of tools and a wide range of settings, Kizeo Forms knows how to adapt to your needs. Each tool is designed to help you gather Reliable and quality information.

The diversity of tools offered allows you to retrieve all the necessary and mandatory information thanks to the mandatory fields, date and time fields, geolocation, etc.

With the signature field, validate your employees timesheets and follow up with customers to avoid any disputes.

Your report is automatically generated and you can schedule the sending of automatic emails once the form entry is saved.

Each one of our technicians has a Galaxy 7’’ tablet with about twelve digital forms in it, designed with Kizeo Forms. They are a perfect fit for our daily activities and completely substitute the paper-based reports. Intervention forms, timesheet, purchase orders or quotes… Now we fill out everything from the tablets. The reports (including pictures and signatures) are automatically generated and sent by e-mail. The digitized data is collected in Kizeo Forms database avoiding long and tedious manual re-entry. Gwendal Conan - Hydraumel
Timesheet on ipad

Gain efficiency!

With Kizeo Forms, you have fast and permanent access to the hours worked by your employees.

Your sales representatives or your technicians in the field can complete their timesheets directly on their mobile or tablet and have it certified by the client’s signature! Once the form is saved, you receive the timesheet in your mailbox almost instantaneously.

You also have access to the historical data on the computer, which will allow your secretary to retrieve the information needed to edit the customer invoices and payslips of your employees.

How does it work?

You will be able to create your own timesheet that will perfectly meet your needs. Also, the Kizeo team offers you an example of a timesheet that you will find in the forms library from a large selection of templates designed by us.

Do not worry, no computer knowledge is required! In addition, our tutorials and our support service are there to help you!

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