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03May, 2019

Customize your tables in your Word and Excel reports

Do you use the table element in your forms for your purchase order or inspections? Learn how to format it in your Word and Excel templates to customize your reports. The “Excel/Word Table” form has been added to the Kizeo Forms library to illustrate the examples below. Tip #1 Formatting in Word. Row data Insert a table with as many columns as you need and […]

27Sep, 2016

Creating An External List From Excel And Importing It

Create your external lists more quickly and easily by creating them in Excel. When you create your form, you may be required on more than one occasion to insert defined lists for the same elements, whether for the same form or different forms. With Kizeo Forms, you will be able to create a standard list that avoids having to input the same list each time! We call this an External […]