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19Nov, 2020

Transfer & share forms with the shared group

You want to transfer and share form templates with another Kizeo Forms account, be it a transfer or the creation of a common library? This is possible! You need to create what we call a shared group. This tutorial will explain how to do it. The creation of the shared group First of all, in order to create your shared group, you must send us […]

18Sep, 2017

Fill Out Your 5S Audit Checklist From Your Smartphone Or Tablet

We released a new form template: the 5S Audit Checklist. You can now download it from the library and carry out your 5S Audit from your cellphone or tablet! 5S Methodology The 5S methodology is widely used in several industries to organize a workplace in a more efficient way. The name comes from five Japanese words beginning with an “S” that define each step: Seiri (SORT): Remove […]