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05Nov, 2018

Get rid of pesky pests! – Digitalize Pest Control with Kizeo Forms

🔎 Optimize Pest Control Inspections Pest Control involves a lot of administrative work such as filling up inspection forms, checking inventory, creating and sending out invoices, performing a risk assessment and so much more! Pest Control requires proper organization and follow up procedures and therefore includes the use of several checklists. Paper forms are difficult to read because of illegible hand writing and smudges. Furthermore, […]

16Aug, 2017

Optimize Your Pest Control Inspections With Digital Forms!

A new Pest Control Checklist is now available in the library! This form is made for Pest Control companies that regularly inspect restaurants. Save Time With this digital form, Pest Control technicians will be able to fill out a standard checklist in no time and from anywhere! By inserting a Referential-Hierarchical list with the details of each one of the services that your company provides, you give simple guidelines for your […]