29Sep, 2016

Creating An External List From Excel And Importing It

Create your external lists more quickly and easily by creating them in Excel.

When you create your form, you may be required on more than one occasion to insert defined lists for the same elements, whether for the same form or different forms. With Kizeo Forms, you will be able to create a standard list that avoids having to input the same list each time! We call this an External list. In this tutorial, we teach you how to create this list from Excel.

You must use Microsoft Excel 2007 at least in order to register your list in .xlsx format. If you do not have the Microsoft Office suite, you can download the trial version of obtain the full pack on the partner’s site.

The different kinds of lists.

There are various forms of lists on Kizeo Forms:

  • The Simple list: this is a list of towns and cities, for example.
  • The Hierarchical list: this is a list with several levels (up to 9). For example, you can create a list that offers you a certain number of regions, where each region offers you the corresponding departments, and finally each department offers you the corresponding cities.
  • The referential list: this allows several fields to be linked to a list (up to 49). During input, when an item is selected from this list, the data linked to that item will be automatically inserted into the field provided for that purpose. You can, for example, create a list of persons involved. When one of these is input, their address and telephone number will appear automatically.
  • The referential and Hierarchical list: this, following a list of several levels (9), allows automatic input of the fields linked to that list (up to 49). By following the two examples above, we will choose our person involved from a list of seniority of towns and cities. The information particular to that person involved will be included automatically in the Reference fields provided for that purpose.
  • The List with codes: this allows the export, for a selected item, to display a name different from that read during the input. This may be an abbreviation, code or reference, for example.
  • The filtered list: this will display or hide the elements of an external list according to the information shown in the user profiles.

Etape 1. Creation of lists in Excel.

For these lists, there are two very important points that will prevent proper operation if they are not respected:

  • Your list, whatever form it takes, must be created in an Excel file, saved in .xlsx format.
La Liste référentielle.

The Simple List.

The Hierarchical List.

The Referential List.

The Referential Hierarchical List.

The List with Codes.

The Filtered List.

Step 2. Importing the lists.

  • Go to the online platform and click on Create an external list. Click on the Excel option and click or drop your excel list file here.


Importe Excel file


  • Once your list is imported click on Overwrite everything then Confirm the changes and go back to edit.

Confirm changes list

  • The list will be displayed automatically.

Display external list


  • Do not forget to save! 

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