02Feb, 2018

How To Filter The External List Display While Filling Out a Form

It is possible, while filling out a form, to select which element(s) you want to display in your external lists. This option works whether it is a hierarchical, referential, referential-hierarchical or a code list.


Step 1
  • Go to your online platform www.kizeoforms.com,
  • Click on the Form tab on your left
  • Create a form or click My Form and select the form you want to modify.
Step 2

Add the element that will be used as a filter for your external list; if you wish to filter your list with a field in your form. This element can be an ‘Input field‘, a ‘list‘(or its label or code), a ‘slider‘, a ‘checkbox‘, a ‘counter‘, a ‘choice‘, a ‘reference‘, a ‘barcode‘, a ‘NFC tag‘ a ‘Calculation‘ element.

Step 3

Add a List element you will link with your external list. In order to do so, click on the green pencil to access the settings of this element. Then, in the scroll bar, select your list.

Step 4

Click on the Advanced tab. First of all, choose if you want to filter:

Step 5
  • Select the mathematical symbol that you wish to use.
  • Finally, select the element that will be used as a filter.

Then, you will be able to select what will be display on your list according to what will be put in your element (all types of element we listed in the second bullet point), a fixed value or a customizable user field.

Select the display of your external list


Filter by hierarchies
Filter by code:
Filter by reference:

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