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23Jul, 2018

Interview with Anthony Slimani, Manufacturing Quality Control Manager at OVH

🏢 Company: OVH
⭐️ Testimonial by: Anthony Slimani
🤵 Position: Manufacturing Quality Control Manager

Can you tell us more about your company?

OVH is a global hyper-scalable cloud provider that delivers industry-leading value and performance to the industry. Founded in 1999, the group manages and maintains 28 data centers on 12 sites and 4 continents, deploys its own global fiber optic network and controls the entire hosting chain. By leveraging its proprietary infrastructure, OVH offers simple, powerful tools and solutions that put technology to work for the business and revolutionize the way people work from over a million customers around the world.

Today, OVH has 2,500 employees in 18 countries and 28 data centers on 4 continents. After opening new data centers in Poland, Singapore, Australia, Germany and the United Kingdom in 2017, OVH recently opened two data centers in the United States.

Could you explain the type(s) of problem(s) you encountered in your activity before using Kizeo Forms?

At OVH, we already carried out our audits via digital forms. The software we used only allowed us to send and export PDF reports. So we were faced with a whole process of inputting and processing results into different Excel files before we could analyze them. In addition, the forms were stored locally: each update form, we had to distribute it on all media and then accompany the teams on site to ensure its proper operation. It was very time consuming.

We then searched for software that allowed us to streamline and automate our control process. The prerequisites were the sending of emails automatically, the exploitation of data in 2 clicks and the possibility of linking the software to our different interfaces. Our choice naturally fell on Kizeo Forms, which we knew well since the company had been part of our start-up support program, the “Digital Launch Pad”, and still relies on OVH’s infrastructures.

How do you use Kizeo Forms in your business?

The Kizeo Forms solution is deployed and used in many OVH services such as quality, production, data centre as well as HSE (hygiene, safety, environment). We currently have 70 forms, of which about 50 are functional and regularly used. Everyone is autonomous and can create their own forms, according to their needs.

The transition from paper to digital is quite natural. It was a need expressed by many services and many collaborators: the paper, involves manual processing of the data which is often time consuming and tedious.

Kizeo Forms has been easy to learn as the creation of forms is intuitive and simple (it’s not code!), The tutorials are clear and precise, and our account manager is always reachable. The move to Kizeo Forms also allowed us to expand our scope and switch to digital forms.

What do you think Kizeo Forms has brought to your business?

The impact of Kizeo Forms on our daily work is undeniable. By using Kizeo Forms, we have been able to expand our field of activity and deploy quality in areas or services where we are not yet operating. For the quality department, this represents approximately 15 hours of time saving per week thanks to Kizeo, while expanding our field of action!

The arrival of Kizeo Forms was on the whole very well received by the employees. We always try to create the forms in the most playful and ergonomic way possible.

Can you share with us an example of a successful project or operation?

In the production department, for example, employees noted at the end of the day the results of the quality control of each batch of products on a small notebook. We had few volunteers to carry out these checks.

With Kizeo Forms, we have created a form that performs the same function of monitoring quality control results. Employees now enter information for the day in less than 5 minutes, and everything is automatically sent and archived. A lot more people volunteer to fill the digital form than those who came to write on the little notebook.

Which option of Kizeo Forms do you prefer?

Setting up and sending e-mails automatically saves a lot of time. We just have to configure the model and everything is automated, according to the different scenarios created.

What improvements do you think could be made to Kizeo Forms?

Four points of improvement often come back from the users of Kizeo Form at OVH:

  • Highlighting the selected answer when entering forms on tablet or mobile (a box in gray or color will be much more visible)
  • Integrate a calculator for %. The calculation tool allows to get there but the operation remains cumbersome to set up
  • The posting of a validation message during registration, stating that “your entry has been registered and sent”. We have a lot of double registrations because users think that the data has not been saved.
  • The possibility to put separators in the tables

Do you have anything else to say about Kizeo?

A big thank you to Estelle Genovardo who has always been available, reachable and answered all our questions and questions very quickly and efficiently.

-Anthony Slimani

Thank you very much Anthony Slimani for sharing your thoughts!

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