01Apr, 2019

Manage Equipment Rentals with the Kizeo Forms application!

📲 Digitalize Rental Management Managing equipment rentals involves management of various activities such as defining a rental contract, creating rental agreements, terms and conditions, maintaining equipments, managing disputes, insurance, inventory, invoicing, etc. The use of paper forms to mange these processes results in lost time and decrease in efficiency due to re-transcriptions, lack of security and data centralization and no technical add ons such as […]

28Feb, 2018

Accelerate The Digital Transformation on Construction Sites

Digital transformation for the construction industry The construction industry is undergoing an irreversible digitization process. BIM, 3D printing, daily reporting on mobile devices… Digital tools are now almost on every construction site these past few years. This trend is going to last. The electronic form (also called e-form or digital form) is a key working tool in this process of digitization. Many field workers and contractors […]