09Apr, 2018

SICK of paperwork? Discover digital forms for Healthcare!

Forms in Healthcare industry The healthcare industry is inundated with immense paper work. Multiple forms are used to fulfil various objectives such as obtaining and updating healthcare records of patients, administration and billing, laboratory results and inventory of surgical equipment & medicines. Kizeo Forms helps you design and customize forms to help you save time and resources. Why Digital Forms? With the digital revolution, immense changes […]

28Apr, 2017

Interview With Catherine PETERMANN From The Jules Verne Clinic

  Catherine PETERMANN Jules Verne Clinic – Nantes, France. Can you tell us more about your job? I work as a nurse at the Jules Vernes Clinic, in Nantes, France. This medical facility, specialized in OB/GYN, can receive up to 400 patients and gathers about 30 specialties in surgery and maternity. The clinic currently hires 810 professionals, among them 132 doctors. 155 surgeries are taking place every day. […]