12Jun, 2019

Four good reasons to use digital intervention forms!

Intervention reports: A frequently untapped source of information! Intervention forms are essential documents for working on the move. They act as proof of the work done, as a synthesis of observations or as a checklist. In other words, it is a tool that makes information accessible to all stakeholders in a project. The intervention reports are a valuable source of data for analysing your technical […]

19Mar, 2019

Field service management with Kizeo Forms

⭐️ Leading solutions for Field Service Management  Companies with field management are increasingly interested in adopting technologies capable of increasing the productivity of mobile personnel, reducing associated costs and improving the quality of customer service. The leading solution in the market is known as programs and applications for Field Service Management (FSM). It is a system designed to coordinate on-site management, which can range from […]

02Aug, 2018

Challenges in Field Service and how to overcome them

Field Service involves challenges on multiple levels as it involves several administrative processes. Lack of digitization of these processes could result in production downtime and higher operational costs. Below are some of the key challenges in the Field Service industry and solutions on how to overcome these challenges: Poor communication: As field workers are on the field all day, they lack resources and suffer from […]