03Jan, 2018

Bouygues Construction Is Going Digital with Kizeo Forms

  Bouygues and Kizeo are working together to digitize the management of Bouygues’ activities in public works. Documents such as security visits or reception sheet are now generated through digital forms. For instance, those forms are used for a construction site called EOLE, which is an extension of one of the main lines of Paris Subway. Bouygues is in charge of digging a six-kilometer tunnel and constructing a […]

26Sep, 2017

How To Send SMS Automatically After Filling Out A Digital Form

  This Tips & Tricks article was written for the most advanced Kizeo Forms users. You also need some IT skills to be able to use it.  You receive too much emails on your inbox? Plus, you all know that a lot a emails are read very quickly and some of them may end up with the spams. You need a more straight-forward solution to reach a […]

21Jun, 2017

How To Update An External List Using Kizeo Forms’ API?

  This article is intended for advanced Kizeo Forms users and the instructions given here require IT skills. Using external lists inside your forms is very convenient. It allows you for instance to insert useful informations like customers contact details, lists of supplies or lists of references. You can re-use those same lists in different forms. Did you know that there is a way to automatically […]

14Jun, 2017

Automate Your Business Processes By Integrating Kizeo Forms Into Your Information System

Your are now a regular Kizeo Forms user and you already make the most out of it using all its features? Well, the next step for you will be to integrate our App into your Information System and therefore into your workflow. What Do Our Web Service Offer? In order to fulfill your expectations, our technical team made a Web Service available to you. It does follow […]

27Dec, 2016

Integrate Kizeo Forms In Your Information System

To integrate Kizeo Forms into your systems, there are several methods, depending on your internal development capacities: Export CSV data with FTP solution Our CSV export has been specially designed with the aim of being easy to integrate through another software. In the context of a software integration, we recommend using CSV format instead of Excel format. From the option of your form, you can configure […]