03May, 2019

Customize your tables in your Word and Excel reports

Do you use the table element in your forms for your purchase order or inspections? Learn how to format it in your Word and Excel templates to customize your reports. The “Excel/Word Table” form has been added to the Kizeo Forms library to illustrate the examples below. Tip #1 Formatting in Word. Row data Insert a table with as many columns as you need and […]

17Oct, 2017

How To Display Checkboxes In Your Reports

In this Tips & Tricks, we will teach you how to display checkboxes in your automatic reports when filling out a list, choice or checkbox element in your digital form.  List, Choice or Slider element When you use one of these four elements (list, choice, slider or checkbox) in your digital form, it is possible to generate a custom-made report including a checked or unchecked box in […]

02Aug, 2017

We Added New Features On The Block Tags!

In order to understand those new features, it is necessary for you to already have a basic understanding of how the Block Tags works. Let’s have a quick reminder of what they actually are! The Block Tags are meant to hide part of your Word report according to what has been typed from the mobile device. For instance, let’s say that one field of your form […]