17Sep, 2019

4 tips to use Barcodes and QR codes in your reports

Have you successfully digitalized your projects? Do you use your smartphone coupled with Kizeo forms to scan your barcodes or QR-codes? You’ve come to the right place! Discover our tips to: Obtain additional information after scanning a barcode Generate barcodes and/or QR codes in your customized reports. Time stamp and geolocate your scans, Transform form entries into barcode/QR codes in your export. How to obtain […]

24May, 2018

How to view suggested lists on your form?

In order to facilitate the entry of elements for your employees in the field, you can offer them a suggested list or in other words an input field linked to a predefined list. This could be, for example, a list of sites to inspect, collaborators, etc Choose the input field from a suggested list on your phone! To view the suggested list option: Step 1: […]

09Aug, 2017

Understanding and using the Filtered list

Filter your external lists according to your users with a filtered list. A filtered list shows certain elements of an external list according to the information that is in the user files. This is a “filter” for your lists. Example. You are the manager in a biscuit and confectionery franchise. You have created a list showing the full range of your biscuits, however your franchisees do not have […]

26Jun, 2017

The External List Page Now Has A New Look!

The External Lists page in your Back Office is getting better! Indeed, we added new features to simplify the use of external lists and plus it looks way better! 1.The new features From now on, you can: Quickly find your list by entering its name, heading or owner in the Search bar (on the top right corner of your screen) Sort the display of the lists you have in your […]

26Jun, 2017

How To Use The External List Page

From the external list page, you can create, modify and delete your external lists. You can also manage their rights. First, let’s log into your Kizeo Forms account from the online platform www.kizeoforms.com Second, click the External lists tab on the left side of your screen-> Then My external list. 1. General Use In this section, we will go over the basics of this page, like for instance the display settings […]

19Jun, 2017

How To Update An External List Using Kizeo Forms’ API?

  This article is intended for advanced Kizeo Forms users and the instructions given here require IT skills. Using external lists inside your forms is very convenient. It allows you for instance to insert useful informations like customers contact details, lists of supplies or lists of references. You can re-use those same lists in different forms. Did you know that there is a way to automatically […]

15Mar, 2017

The Customizable User Fields

Customizable user fields are used to add other fixed values to each users. They allow you to play on the visibility of your elements and sort your lists according to the profile of the user. You are a manager of a sales department. Your salesmen have visits throughout France. You want to reduce their prospecting lists to only see their leads. Moreover, in order to approve the purchase order form, […]

27Sep, 2016

Creating An External List From Excel And Importing It

Create your external lists more quickly and easily by creating them in Excel. When you create your form, you may be required on more than one occasion to insert defined lists for the same elements, whether for the same form or different forms. With Kizeo Forms, you will be able to create a standard list that avoids having to input the same list each time! We call this an External […]

16Sep, 2016

Understanding and using the Referential list

Referential list: Allows several fields to be linked to a list. During entry, when an item is selected from this list, the data linked to that item will be automatically inserted into the field provided for that purpose. The field for this automation is the Reference field (Calculation field always allows it). The goal is to prevent the application user from entering data already known […]

16Sep, 2016

Understanding external lists

When you create a form, you may have to use the same list in several elements of your form or you may even use it in different forms. With Kizeo Forms, you can create a list that you can re-use multiple times. They are called external lists. Different kinds of external lists. Kizeo Forms has several kinds of lists: The regular List: it is just a […]

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