31May, 2018

10 Reasons to go paperless and shift to Digital Forms

Still stuck with the old habit of using paper forms? Below are 10 reasons on why you should shift to digital forms! Ability to use additional interesting features Paper Forms have several limitations. With paper forms one cannot make automated complex calculations, include map entries or even perform simple operations such as incorporating a link to a specific document/url. Shifting to digital forms gives you […]

17May, 2018

TransFORM Hospitality & Tourism : Take the tour to Digitization with Kizeo Forms

To be hospitable is to be prompt and to be responsive. Kizeo Forms can provide a competitive advantage to the companies in the hospitality industry by increasing the response time and enhancing customer relationship management as well as relationship with employees. By using digital forms, one can save time and minimize the number of resources. The hotel and tourism industry requires data entry on a […]

09May, 2018

Discover the Road to Repair – Digital Forms for the Maintenance industry!

Maintenance is a key component in all organizations. All assets deteriorate over a period of time and require timely maintenance to continue working effectively. Lack of proper maintenance results in production down-time and can bring the entire company to a halt. A lot of paperwork is involved in maintenance for conducting inspections, updating schedules and recording details. Kizeo Forms can help in maximizing productivity and […]

07May, 2018

Digitization of Education: InFORM with Digital Forms!

The smartphone is a key educational tool that can serve as a stepping stone to digitization of school education: More than 95% of 18 to 25 year olds own a smartphone: it is the most used tool to connect to the internet, so much so that it has become omnipresent in our lives. Indeed, our connection time is on average 4 hours per day. Today, […]

17Apr, 2018

Sow the seeds of Digital TransFORMation – Discover Digital Forms for Agriculture

Farmers are on the field working hard every day to provide for our daily necessities. Kizeo Forms tries to ease the life of these farmers by eliminating the paperwork that the farmers have to oblige with on a daily basis and replace them with digital forms! Kizeo Forms can revolutionize the administrative processes in Agriculture! Food for thought! A research by PA Consulting shows that the […]

09Apr, 2018

SICK of paperwork? Discover digital forms for Healthcare!

Forms in Healthcare industry The healthcare industry is inundated with immense paper work. Multiple forms are used to fulfil various objectives such as obtaining and updating healthcare records of patients, administration and billing, laboratory results and inventory of surgical equipment & medicines. Kizeo Forms helps you design and customize forms to help you save time and resources. Why Digital Forms? With the digital revolution, immense changes […]

16Mar, 2018

6 reasons to digitize the forms filled during your daily field interventions

Digitization has on an overall positive impact on the organization of a company. Since the automation of internal business processes is a clear time saver, the company will be more efficient and productive. Many professionals conducting daily field interventions seized this opportunity to make their internal and external communication easier and quicker. For instance, a field technician or a sales representative can send an invoice, work order […]

18May, 2017

Vinci moving towards Digital with Kizeo Forms !

Vinci Autoroute starts building digital processes in partnership with a French School Since November 2016, ten students of the Lyon-based ESD School (post-graduate school specialized in Digital) have been working on a large-scale project with Vinci Autoroutes. The company, subsidiary of the French global company Vinci, is specialized in highway networks and has more than 6500 employees. The goal for the ESD students during this five-month project was […]