07Feb, 2019

Conduct Employee Performance Evaluations with the Kizeo Forms application!

✅ Quick and Productive Performance Evaluations Managers have to regularly evaluate the performance of their employees and share feedback. These performance evaluations involve a lot of paperwork and requires data transfers between employees and managers(immediate and high level managers). Using paper forms results in lost time and can result in several manual errors. Furthermore, there is no data security. Kizeo Forms can help you optimize […]

01Jun, 2018

Automate HRM processes with Kizeo Forms!

Kizeo Forms is the perfect tool to automate your HRM processes Digital media offers you the possibility to simplify and automate your HRM processes such as management of absences and holidays, expense reports, training follow-ups and management of hours. Large enterprises get the services from some specialized companies to automate their Human Resources management process, it is far from the same in most SMEs and […]