10Aug, 2018

How to Restrict some Users from Saving a Form

You want to block a group of users from saving/registering their forms or simply prevent registrations if a result is incorrect? Discover two tips that can help you set this up! Tip # 1: Block registration to a group of users Do you want to restrict registration/saving of forms for one or more users and only have the Transfer feature available? Learn how! As a […]

24Jul, 2018

Newsletter We Keep You InFORMed – Latest news from this quarter

Find out what happened last quarter! Let’s talk about the new releases and news from Kizeo Forms that you may have missed this quarter! iOS, Android and Windows Display emojis on the application! You can add emojis in several form fields such as text, slider and lists. Make polls and surveys more attractive and fun with this feature! Back Office 1.Identify fields with personal data With this new option, we will […]

10Jul, 2018

How to adapt your forms to make them conform to the GDPR?

This tip is accompanied by an example form present in our library. You can find it from the menu Forms -> Library–> Authorization of personal data collection form To bring you in line with the GDPR, we present here some tips to help you automate this procedure! Identify items containing personal data via an export containing all of your fields Following a request by email, […]

24May, 2018

How to view suggested lists on your form?

In order to facilitate the entry of elements for your employees in the field, you can offer them a suggested list or in other words an input field linked to a predefined list. This could be, for example, a list of sites to inspect, collaborators, etc Choose the input field from a suggested list on your phone! To view the suggested list option: Step 1: […]

17Apr, 2018

Generate a link to open Google Maps directly from the form

Open the GPS navigator directly from the Kizeo Forms application to get to your place of intervention. Learn how to save time with this feature. The calculation tool on the application can generate a link that helps you launch Google Maps from the application. Step 1 : Configure your site list Create an intervention list (external list) with references. Ensure the list contains the latitude and longitude of […]

12Apr, 2018

Newsletter We Keep You InFORMed – What happened this quarter?

Find out what happened last quarter! Let’s talk about the new releases and news from Kizeo Forms that you may have missed this quarter! IOS App Place a phone call directly from your list The external list has the ability to detect phone numbers. It is now possible to make a call directly from your list. The purpose of this new option is to help […]

19Dec, 2017

How to access your documents stored in Google Drive from the Kizeo Forms application?

The vast majority of professionals store their work documents in a cloud. The most commonly used tool for this is the Google Drive. Next, we will teach you how to access the documents stored in your Google Drive directly from the Kizeo Forms application. It can be useful during an intervention to consult a technical manual or any informative document. To achieve this, it is […]

15Nov, 2017

How To Open Google Maps From The Kizeo Forms App

When you send pre-filled data from the platform to a mobile user in the field (what we also call push), the mobile user can see this data on a map on his mobile device and open Google Maps straight away to start a route for instance. First, make sure that you put the correct settings. In order to do so, click the options button of your form, […]

17Oct, 2017

How To Display Checkboxes In Your Reports

In this Tips & Tricks, we will teach you how to display checkboxes in your automatic reports when filling out a list, choice or checkbox element in your digital form.  List, Choice or Slider element When you use one of these four elements (list, choice, slider or checkbox) in your digital form, it is possible to generate a custom-made report including a checked or unchecked box in […]

14Sep, 2017

Tips & Tricks #1: The Voice Control Option on iPhone and Android

The Tip & Tricks of today is a bit special! Indeed, we are glad to introduce you our first video! The concept remains the same: giving KF users useful tips to master the App and the platform. The Voice Control Option on iPhone & Android The subject of this video is the Voice Control option that is available on all smartphones. It is pretty helpful when you have […]